Somaliland Government has beefed up security in the Town of Las Anod following the recent skirmishes between the two warring clans in Sah-Dheer and Dharkayn-geeyo districts.

Attempts by Somaliland government and elders to end the ongoing inter clan contention in Sah-Dheer district in Sool Region seem to have failed after resurgence of fighting which has claimed unknown number of lives.

Somaliland Army units are being currently being deployed to quell deadly fighting which broke out on Sunday between the two warring clans in Sah-Dheer district which is situated 180 KM south of Las Anod.

Elders of two warring communities showed inclination to reconciliation through a series of meetings and expressed their readiness to reach a settlement to end the long running animosity.

The Somaliland government is deploying Army units in the area to deter further violence and stop elements whose action was bent on reigniting fresh bloody inter-clan fighting.