Somaliland: Presidency minister hails KULMIYE government’s track record

The Presidency Minister Hon. Mohammed Hashi Abdi has commended the Kulmiye Administration led by the Head of State H.E. Ahmed Mohammed Mohamud Silanyo for having delivered on its campaign policies most of its pledges.

Hon. Hashi gave the verifiable comments at a function in honour of governance and leadership and project management masters degree students who graduated from Hargeisa University.

They completed Master of Administration and Master of Sciences in both fields reflectively.

“It is for the intellectuals like you and the independent minded members of the public who can verify, vouch for or bear witness to the performances of the government”, said the minister to the graduates.

The Minister noted how the Hargeisa University has come of age just as the public governance has.

He pointed out that when evaluating a performance of a government what are taken into consideration happens to be, for instance:-

  • The policies pledged in a campaign to be adhered to.
  • The implemented promises
  • Remainder of the pledges yet to be established.
  • Pros and cons encountered
  • Crises and associated constraints encountered
  • How the constraints and crises were addressed or managed during the tenure
  • Further projects not in initial agenda etc.

Given the above pointers the minister observed that his party had indeed excelled during the short period of one term that it has been in office.

He gave an example of the boreholes drilled from the colonial times to that of President Rayaale’s administration as being only 60 while those drilled during the incumbency of the present government as being 116.

Hon. Hashi likewise gave other examples of such statistics in a wide range of sectors.

He decried wayward politicking that refuses to acknowledge the obvious developmental steps that has been undertaken.

Hon. Hashi thanked the graduates for the feat they achieved.

He hailed the president for steering the administration in an apt manner.

Those present on the occasion included KULMIYE chairman who is also the flag bearer of the party, Minister for Information and National Guidance, Aviation.