Somaliland: Torrential Rains cause widespread devastation and a substantial loss of life

The recent deadly flooding has caused the deaths of two sisters and a child, not to mention the problems with public transport, traffic, electric circuits, and water tanks have also been reported.

The flooding caused by rains have taken the lives of three people in the Aw Barhdale River bed : Fosiya Mohamed Yusuf, Asma Mohamed Yusuf and a child yet to be identified.

The torrential rains followed some of the highest temperatures the country has experienced, reaching 39 degrees Celsius on its peak day, in the past 3 to 4 months.

The current government led by President Silnyo and his bureaucrats are to blame for his weak leadership. He was unable to rise to the situation as a leader of the state, to generate an objective of saving lives. The consequence of this was unnecessary human deaths.

This put into question the need to assess the strengths and limitations of the disaster management system built by the government and nongovernment organizations, at the interface with technology between 2010 and 2017 and most probably the failure of the current government to act.

The recent loss of life, is another reminder of the different death tolls and considers what lessons could be drawn from the responses to these numerous disasters.