Somaliland: We call on Ambassador Andrew Allen to withdraw his Biased Remarks -Concerned Citizens

Deputy ambassador’s Andrew Allen recent remarks are biased and contradictory to the positions of other are British officials who have in the past served as Her Majesty’s emissaries to Somaliland.

In fact, such remarks are devoid of truth and are aimed at covering up the international community broad interference in Somalia’s affairs which has inflicted heavy human and financial losses on the Somalian people.

Ambassador Andrew Allen, a junior FCO official is either unqualified for the job or blind to reality, this considering the magnitude of the current drought not to mention his meddling in the internal affairs of sovereign nation and ally of the realm.

Somaliland is not only a sovereign and peaceful country but one with a successful democratization track record. Somaliland is a thriving and durable democratic society with multi-party system that has witnessed multiple peaceful transfer of power. Therefore, the government at Villa Somalia should take a leaf from this success done by Somalilanders single headily for similar success rather than preserver in futile endeavours to incorporate us in their uncertain project.

It’s a HIGH TIME Somaliland partners realized the election process has being halted due to the current calamitous drought. Somalilanders have in the past chosen their leaders directly through the ballot box and in a free, fair manner, unlike its southern neighbour Somalia selection process, it’s evident Somaliland has been a democracy for several decades now and has being developing strong democratic institutions, unlike its southern neighbour Somalia

To drive the point home ,  the Government of Somaliland has on numerous occasions clearly stated its position regarding on the postponement of the Presidential and Parliamentary elections this after putting into consideration the plight of the people affected by drought, the government of Somaliland decided to halt the ongoing voters registration process in  bid to deal with the catastrophic situation on hand, in this case which meant to save the lives of our citizens who were in dire situation which  reaffirm our decision to put the needs of the nation before other , hence the reason not to be perceived as in any way as a prelude to delay the upcoming electoral process.

On several occasions the UK Envoy has openly demonstrated his unequally support to the previous and current administration in Villa Somalia who are directly involved in machinations towards the destabilization of Somaliland through supporting activities detrimental to our security, peaceful co-existence among citizens, economic growth and development both social and political.

The Envoy went to the extent of accusing elected officials as a same small number of people responsible for the delay in elections and the same small number of being people responsible for the agreement with the UAE. The people of Somaliland need more information on this base. What are the benefits? What are the risks?”

His Excellency Andrew Allen, in his Portfolio as a current serving Her Majesty’s Emissary is expected to check his facts before unseeingly jumping into conclusions or he is in a better position to know both deals came after the Republic of Somaliland showed political stability and maturity with its multi-party democracy striving in a region dominated by civil war and dictatorship. Undoubtedly, the deal will create jobs and improve the living standard of the people of Somaliland and the region. This will give the landlocked Ethiopia a reliable access to sea, where Somaliland is trusted friend unlike other regional ports. The deal received the support of the people and elected parliament of Somaliland and it was a hit on the face of those want to hijack the people on poverty and unemployment.

Business will be central to Somaliland’s growth and development. It is already happening – Hargeisa teems with people starting new businesses and shops. It is only through investment, trade and jobs that Somaliland can reduce its dependence on aid, remittances and illegal migration . People want the opportunity to work their own way out of poverty. People want the dignity that comes with a job and being able to provide for their own family. And the people of Somaliland, with all their entrepreneurial potential, are no exception.


Unlike Djibouti, which has betrayed its allies by forging closer relations with the Peoples Republic of China, the government of Great Britain should support the process of transforming Berbera in to east Africa’s main free trade hub like the UAE’s Jabel Ali Port. The DP World expansion project in Berbera will lead to extensive trade activities, in which Somaliland will control region’s business and trade.  Berbera Port will be ready to provide service in helping Ethiopia and South Sudan exporting their natural resources like natural gas and oil.

Lastly, Ambassador Andrew Allen has on several occasions met with local journalists to discuss their plight but it seems he meets with the same set of envelope journalists he met previously this proves he is either arrogant or blind.

Concerned Citizens