Somaliland: At least 25 people starve to death in eastern regions

Wealthy countries doing ‘nowhere near enough’ to help poorest cope with climate change
A man walks past the carcass of sheep that died during the El Nino-related drought in Marodijeex, Somaliland Feisal Omar, Reuters

At least 25 people have died in Somaliland’s eastern region Sanaag over the past few days, a Somaliland official said on Tuesday.

According to the Governor of Sanaag, Mohamed Abdi Falay, the devastating drought has killed the victims within the last 48-72 hours. Falay confirmed the deaths to a VOA Somali reporter stationed in the country.

Falay also stated that 80% of the region’s livestock have succumbed to the drought.

Many believe the deaths are due to neglect from the International Community – particularly western nations – and regional NGO’s who are solely focusing on helping victims in neighboring Somalia.

Although Somalia is also suffering from the devastating drought, aid is barely reaching Somaliland and has now caused the deaths of 25 Somalilanders in Sanaag region.

Over 1 million Somalilanders are suffering from what is said to be the worst drought in living memory.