Somaliland: Egal airport starts its night flight

Ministry of Civil Aviation has formally announced that the Airport has been prepared to accommodate dawn and night flights following the completion of installation of its navigational equipment.

Airplanes  can  make a nighttime landing at Egal Airport, the Civil Aviation Authority of the Somaliland confirmed Wednesday.

In preparation for the early morning and night flights,  said the Egal Airport has also set to adjust its working hours.

The  start of night landing operations in Egal Airport would mean more flight options for travelers.

Prior to that, Ministry of Civil Aviation Authority  had conducted test run of all its navigation aids including lights for the runway during the dawn.

The plane that took off and landed at Egal airport during the night were on board by the ministry spokesman and area manager, who oversees the operations at the airport facility.

The Runway Lighting  is a solar generated one and has been approved by ICAO according the ministry of civil aviation authority.

Ministry of Civil Aviation is to officially announce that night flights are due to begin soon.