Somaliland: Swedish Parliamentarian meets State Minister

Today the Ministry received a Swedish parliamentarian who is also a member of Committee on Justice, as well as a Deputy member on the Social Committee. The Swedish delegation led by the Swedish Parliamentarian was accompanied by the former Representative of Somaliland in Sweden Rhoda Elmi, a Physician in Sweden and members of the recognition Committee of Somaliland in Sweden. Their main reason for visiting Somaliland was to formally acquaint themselves with senior government officials in Somaliland.

The Swedish MP was very impressed by the peaceful elections which Somaliland has held in the past. The Swedish MP said: “The International Community witnessed a peaceful democratic elections in Somaliland comparing to other countries in the region.” The Swedish MP who is very sympathetic to the cause of Somaliland was very pleased to be invited to Somaliland, to see Somaliland’s progress in reality and hopes to visit again in the near future.

The State Minister Mohamed Bogore added: “The Republic of Somaliland has a proud history of state-building and democratic governance which has seen power transfer peacefully. The Republic of Somaliland is a peaceful country which you will experience yourselves, it’s an oasis of peace in the Horn of Africa.”

The State Minister hopes that the Swedish government will join the SDF (Somaliland Development Fund) members that contribute towards the SDF. The Chairman of the Diaspora Agency also added that Somaliland is suffering from severe drought which has affected several regions of Somaliland, he urged the Swedish government to act quickly to contribute towards the drought relief aid to save lives.