Somaliland: The Political Demise Of Jamal Ali Hussein

There was once a beacon of hope in Somaliland’s dire political arena. A man of youth, vigor and vision. Someone, who appeared to have not a single “clannish” bone in his body. So it seemed to me. And I have known him a long time.
This man was scion of a SNM veteran, educated at home and abroad, and self-made. This man was the quintessential  Somaliland success, and when he decided to join the political scene, a lot of us rejoiced. We watched him struggle to save UDUB, and replenish UCID despite of the thievery from a conman.
We watched him rise to a prospective presidential candidate. But, despite the support of the majority of Somalilanders, he faced the sinister agenda and undoubted monetary and political power of the major players in Somaliland. To be blunt, he was. as they say “totally played”.
So, when it become evident that he would no longer be the presumptive presidential candidate for UCID, and his image had been soiled by his disastrous association with a charlatan like Faisal Ali Warabe, most Somalilanders hoped that he would join, the one credible political party left in Somaliland, Waddani, or he would remain, independent.
But, this is Africa, and even though Somaliland is “Africa’s best kept secret”, politics in Africa are defined by two things, money and tribe.
Sadly, Jamal chose both and joined the very people who had obstructed him and denigrated him.
We have a candidate who is breaking the constitution by running for a third time, we have a party who are subverting the constitution at every opportunity, we have a broken and totally corrupted legislative, we have minister too drunk to safeguard our sole lively hood, and another inciting communal strife, and now, we are witnessing, the hope of Somaliland thoroughly corrupted.
I have always remained independent, but, with this debacle, there remains only one thing to say.
If like me, you care about Somaliland, about our hopes and aspirations, then if the elections are held in 2017 vote for Waddani. I would rather have Abdirahman Irro, Mohamed Ali, Mohamed Bihi and Hersi Haji Ali, leading Somaliland.
Allaa Mahad Leh.