Somaliland: The Environment ministry has embarked on an ambitious plan to plant 100, 000 trees


The Ministry of Environment has begun handing out trees to Marodi Jeh and Sahil region today.

A campiagn which aims to plant more than 100, 000 trees has kick off in Hargeisa, Somaliland capital.


The ministry says that it launches such tree planting project during the spring and fall which the country receives much rainfall.

The ministry said that the trees can be given to each and everyone who got the space they can plant them

The minister of environment, Ms. Shukri Haji Ismail Bonadre has said that the aim of the campiagn is to replace trees that the people have cut down.

Somaliland citizens both rural and urban depend upon the consumption of charcoal which forms after the cutting down trees and burned them which are likely to lead a deforestration.

The campiagn which is due to last for ten days to come says that she wants to distribute more than 100, 000 trees to replace the already cut down ones in a bid to save the enviroment from looming catastrophe.

She revealed that her ministry sees to plant 80, 000 plants within the ten days to come.

She announced that the project will be benefited by schools, mosques and government compounds.

Hargeysa and Berbera will be the distributing centers for the project and promised that anyone who wants to plant outside the two towns will be handed out.

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