Somaliland: MoFA Distributes 50 computers 5 local Universities donated by Taiwan

The State Minister Mr. Mohamed Mihile Boqore and vice Minister Mr. Ahmed Abdi Jama (keyse) was jointly conveyed 50 computers donated by government of Taiwan to five local universities including; Timo-ade university, Buroa university, Sanag University and Nugaal University, the ceremony was held conference venue of ministry in today.

Both ministers are given to back thanks to Taiwan government way to support Somaliland higher education and transmitted this donation.

The ceremony was attained state minister of education, principle of buroa university Mr. Saleban Omer Dirir, Admin and finance of Timo-ade University Mr. Khalid M. Ismail, EX. Minister of Justice Mr. Casoowe who represented Nugaal University and person who represented Sanaag University.

Its first donation that Taiwan government has given Somaliland government to support higher education.