Somaliland: A Renowned Multi-Millionaire Lady Receives Warm Welcome From Kulmiye Presidential Candidat

Kulmiye Top Brass Officials Receive Amina Hersi

Upon reaching Somaliland, the famous Somali multi-millionaire lady Amina Hersi Moghe has received a warm welcome from the Presidential candidate of the Kulmiye Ruling Party, Hon Musa Behi Abdi.

Short after arrival, the chairman of the Kulmiye Ruling Party has welcomed Amina to his office in Hargeisa where she later discussed issues pertaining the peace and stability of Somaliland and many other issues.


Talking to the media, the second deputy chairman of Kulmiye Mr Ahmed Abdi Dhere stated that the presidential candidate of Kulmiye Hon Musa Behi and the multi-millionaire lady discussed deeply on the current deveopment of Somaliland. Mr Ahmed Abdi Dhere said, “The chairman of Kulmiye was pleased to welcome Mrs Amina Hersi Moge and thanked her for visiting her home. Similarly, the presidential candidate of the Kulmiye Mr Musa Behi Abdi has lauded Amina Hersi for rising the reputation of Somaliland.”

On the other hand, Amina Hersi Moghe has thanked Kulmiye chairman for welcoming her warmly. Expressing her gratitude towards Kulmiye and Somaliland in general, she said, “It is an immense pleasure for me to come my home. I am excited to meet the presidential candidate of Kulmiye, Hon Musa Behi. Thanks to Kulmiye and his top brass officials for the warm welcome. I am also grateful to all Somaliland citizens for their welcome.”


Likewise, Mrs Amina Hersi Moghe has pledged her economical support and investment to Somaliland. She went on further and said, “I have seen a dramatic welcome for me and I am sure that I will come back to invest my home.”

The 53-year old multi-millionaire is a Somali entrepreunar, originally hailing from Somaliland. Amina Hersi Moghe has launched several multi-million projects in Kampala, the capital city of Uganda.