Somaliland: Muse Bihi Has A Long Standing Ample History – Hassan Guure

Many people say we support Muuse Biihi. That is far from the fact, but Muuse Biihi’s history is undeniable – it is vivid.”

By Gulaid Dalha

Hargeisa – The chairman of the National Consultations and Rectification Forum NCRF, Hassan Guure spoke to Bulsho TV on Thursday in which he stated the long struggle of Muse Bihi and his longstanding ample knowledge. Mr Guure said that Muuse Biihi fought bravely at the ouster of the despotic Military junta of Siyad Barre.

Mr Hassan Guure, one of the very few surviving SNM fighters told Bulso TV that the current candidates running for the forthcoming presidential elections, like Abdirahman Irro who was an ambassador and Jamal who was a banker are not compatible with Muse’s historical background. “People always tell us that we support one party – I reiterate, we do not support any party at all. Many people say we support Muuse Biihi. That is far from the fact, but Muuse Biihi’s history is undeniable – it is vivid. Muuse Biihi was among the top who attempted to topple the ex-authoritarian government yoke – Siyad Barre’s regime. He overthrew the oppressive regime that unleashed brutality upon Somaliland people,” said Hassan Guure.

Similarly, Mujaahid Hassan Guure stressed the difference among the running candidates. “Irro – former Somalia ambassador to Russia and Jamal – senior banker of Citibank cannot break the limitations of Muuse Biihi. He actively took part the emancipation of the country and remained hard worker until the rebirth of Somaliland,” added Hassan Guure.

Muuse Biihi Abdi, who is Kulmiye’s chairman and candidate, is a renowned Somali politician and a former military officer. He came into politics very early and during 1970s, he served as a pilot in the Somali Air Force under Siyad Barre’s government. Mr Bihi is noted for his struggle against the regime of Siyad Barre – he is a veteran SNM fighter. He is also noted for being on the frontline of Somaliland’s rebirth and clan reconciliations. Politicians say he is most familiar political figure who deeply penetrates the ethics and clan structures above all the contending candidates.

In 2010, Mr Musa Bihi was appointed as the chairman of Kulmiye Party. In 2015, he was elected as Kulmiye’s presidential candidate for the upcoming elections, slated to happen in 2017. Aged 68, the veteran politician Muuse Biihi is very exuberant and conducts pep talks to the people of Somaliland. With his profound knowledge on the people of Somaliland and their geographical settings, Mr. Muuse is the most likely candidate to win the forthcoming elections.