Somaliland: Kulmiye Expells Five members from the governing party

Peace, Unity, and Development Party “Kulmiye”, Somaliland’s ruling party has issued a press statement in which it expelled 5 former members on allegations that they have opened talks with Wadani opposition party to join and and for continuing to fan divisions within the party.

The press release clearly stated that the members who initiated direct dialogue with Wadani have violated the party’s bylaws and constitution.

Kulmiye party press statement went on to say that with this total breach of the constitution, the five members have lost their membership with effect from today.

The party said that the members are not entitled to use the emblem and the name of the party.

The names of the expelled members are:-

  1. Dr. Abdi Aw Dahir
  2. Mr. Abdirisak Khalif Ahmed
  3. Mr. Husein Ahmed Aidid
  4. Mr. Farah Elmi Gedole
  5. Mr. Ali Abdi Saaiq

The decision was made by the party leadership in conjunction with party’s council.