Somaliland: FM says it is not compulsory to accompany the president’s trips to overseas all the time

Somaliland’s foreign affairs and international cooperation minister, Dr. Sa’ad Ali Shire has responded to statements made by some diplomats after he was left and did not accompany president’s delegates to Kuwait.

The FM has stated firmly that he stayed in the country to accomplish pressing matters at home rather than traveling with the president.

Dr. Sa’ad has said that it is not compulsory for the country’s foreign minister to be part of the president’s foreign trips all the time.

Mr. Sa’ad went on to say that government officials accompany the president in his overseas trips when it comes to the issues that the head of state is to hold with other leaders.

Local diplomats have expressed concern when it comes to the trip embarked by president Silanyo over the visit to Kuwait and has left his foreign minister.