Somaliland: Corruption Scandals Exposed in Somaliland House of parliament

Mohamed Ali Hersi, a member of Somaliland house of representatives has revealed that that it is unlawful when it comes the way that the house of representative speaker has relieved him from his duties as the head of Good Governance and Anti corruption commission.

The member of Somaliland house of parliament has today said that he has summoned more than 26 government institutions for transparency and accountability briefings.

The MP has added that none of the summoned institutions refused to come before the house in order to brief.

He showed a copy of a document that was due to be presented before the house of representative’s assembly in the days to come.

Mr. Mohamed Hersi Ali aka Obama has confessed for the first time that there is widespread corruption practices in the house of representatives. He said that there were 116 employees hired unlawfully. He pointed an accusatory finger that one person is responsible for recruiting the employees.

Mr. Obama went on to say that once they called for scrutiny the house refused to allow the good governance and anti corruption commission to fully investigate by saying that they are an independent institution.

Mr. Obama has revealed that there are employees who have not received their salaries so far.

The MP has announced that 150, 000 dollars are missing from the house’s account and blamed that one person has withdrew for embezzlement and to use it for his own personal use.

The MP has called on the auditor general to launch further investigations into the corruption practices in the house of parliament.

He revealed that one of the deputy speakers of the house of representatives has objected his son to take the exams arranged by the civil service commission and added that this is the extent of scandals that is facing the reputation of Somaliland’s first democratically elected parliament.

The speaker of Somaliland house of representative must respond to allegations of corruption against the house by a member of the House of Representatives.