Somaliland: fishery minister invited for talks in Djibouti


The government of Djibouti has invited to her country the ministers of interior, fishery and the haed of Somaliland’s coastal guards to come to Djibouti.

The invitation comes after the coastal guards of Somaliland fought with Djibouti marines which violated the territorial waters of Somaliland.

The incident left the death of coastal guard and the injury of an other one from Somaliland while Djibouti’s coastal guards have not casualties.

The incident happened after the Djibouti marines chased a vessel which acquired a license from Somaliland to fish in her territorial waters.

Somaliland’s coastal guard came to the rescue of the vessel and then a fight broke out between the two.

The minister of fishery is about to fly to Djibouti along with the head  to hold discussions and talks with Djibouti counters.

Somaliland head of coastal guards is in Djibouti at the moment and efforts are underway for both countries to find out the root cause of the fight.

They will talk on measures aimed at preventing such incident to happen as far as the situation is concerned.