Somaliland: Interior minister held talks with Jigjiga officials

Minister of interior delegation from Somaliland reaches Jigjiga, the capital of Somalia administration in Ethiopia.

Interior Minister, Ali Mohamed Waranade met with officials of Jigjiga based Somalia administration in Ethiopia.

Somaliland delegation is due to leave for Addis Ababa, the capital of Ethiopia once they conclude the talks with Jigjiga adminstration.

Details of the mission of Somaliland delegation is not obvious but it is anticipated that they will discuss with senior Ethiopian government officails over the closure of the border with Somaliland.

Somaliland is conducting a voter registration exercise to regions that share borders with Ethiopia and that may have a negative impact on nomads who crossed into Ethiopia in search of water and pasture for their livestock after their territory was hit by the worst drought over the years.

The minister of interior is accompanied by the director general of information ministry and a member of Somaliland house of elders