Somaliland: Alasow Pretty Boys Come out of the woods as Somalia Spies – Amran J. Aideed

More and more young, wet-behind-the-ears, hardly literate boys, hitherto camouflaging as fledgling media practitioners in Somaliland have come out of the woods in full view of everybody as media-blackmailer and multi-agent Alasow and Somalia spies.

Terra and Bakayle

Two Somaliland-born school age boys that Somaliland made something of by putting them behind microphones as ‘journalists’ reached Mogadishu on 21 November and started a shamelessly and very asinine abrogation of all that Somaliland stood for: sovereignty, resilience, peace and stability, coexistence, democratic practice, integrity, tolerance and the rest of the age-old, honorable customs and values of the people of Somaliland uniting all of its parts and peoples: Sanaag, Sool, Haysimo, Buuhoodle (Ayn), Togdheer, Hargeisa, Gabiley, Awdal, and Selel..

Ironically, the two had not only been against Somaliland and its political interests and stability but, also, that of Somalia and its leaders always re-publishing the inane, propaganda thrusts of their mentor the ex-killer-turned-journalist Alasow, rendering their websites extensions of his. On his Facebook, too, they were always of the first to tick the ‘like’ button on whatever attack he (Alasow) posted.

The two boys: Mo Bakayle ( and Abdirizak Terra ( were sent tickets, wayfare bills and identical,tight-fitting, blue two-piece suits to, specifically, promote a one-Somalia ruling an innumerable number of satellite states one of which is the proposed Makhir Coast State  to sweep the whole of present-day day Sanaag of the Republic of Somaliland into its fold.

Terra (a.k.a. Ishqi) tags only Dahir Alasow on his gushing, first love lyrics for Mogadishu.


“I reached Mogadishu in peace. Mogadishu is my city. Mogadishu is a city I love. It is a city in need of all people of intellect”, he says in his first posting on his Facebook page when he reached Mogadishu airport.

The other one, Bakayle (The Hare), has not stopped so stupidly extolling the virtues, beauty, buildings, peace and governance since he arrived in Mogadishu.
His very first posting on his Facebook page said it all. “One feels peace and tranquility upon arrival at the Somalia capital. The view people have of it is totally different from what I have seen/witnessed this morning”. And then, he concludes it with “Somalia Peace”.


There is nothing wrong with wishing Somalia and its war-weary civilians peace. We all wish that the whizz of a bullet is never heard there. But what he followed that up reveals his, and his friend’s, true mission in subsequent postings. He is no longer the cub nurtured and nursed into life by a tolerant Somaliland. He is the spy mole who, reaching safety, discloses his true identity.

The boy starts working on preparing the ground for the Mogadishu-backed Makhir State idea started by Somaliland-born political failures stranded in the Al-shabaab ridden Mogadishu as hostages to their jinxed, unrequited greed.

“The region has come to its 25th year of existence, and it has not grown out of tribalism and ethnic divisiveness. It’s hijacked by the Central clan of Isaac and the Samaroon of Awdal and Selel ..”.

He goes on to incite the Somaliland-born people of Sool, Eastern Sanaag and people, writing that Somaliland has started/waged wars in those areas.

“Genocide was committed against the Harti Dhulbahante and Warsangeli, their administrations denied, not given a fair share in political posts, Makhir State blocked and so was Khatumo State..” and so on and on the boy prattles on, revealing Somalia as the paymaster.


Other telltale signs are emerging indicating that there is a wider network of super agents conspiring against the very existence of the Republic of Somaliland and its half-a-century old independence.

One filament of this spiderweb conspiracy leads to an unholy, unconstitutional linkup between one Sultan Hiirey and the Turkish government despite the denial of the Turkish Consulate in Hargeisa.

But, then, the photos shown below tell a different kind of story, showing wide chinks in the Somaliland security apparatus.


The developments unfolded wide open by the Alasow-Somalia spy moles, follow closely on the heels of another misstep that was taken by the incumbent SOLJA Vice Chairman attacking his Chairman for defending Somaliland interests against this Alasow and an associate called Omar Faruk. The SOLJA VC wrote an apology to the two blackmailing non-Somalilanders, giving them the go-ahead to continue insulting, blackmailing and violating Somaliland norms, causes, values, businesses, leaders and public.


It is very clear that the said boys have chosen their new home. It is not so clear, however, if the Somaliland government can invoke clauses in the Djibouti and UK  Somaliland-Somalia agreements that specifically urged the two sides not to conduct propaganda campaigns against one another in any form.

There is no doubt such clauses have been violated a million times over through the Blackmailer and a thousand other Somalia-born media people and ‘politicians’  They got away with it before. Why not now, too?

Amran J Aideed