Somlaliland: Large UAE delegation arrives in Hargeisa

A large United Arab Emirates delegation consisiting of eight individuals have arrived in Hargeisa today.

Somaliland representative to UAE Hon. Bashe Awil Ali is leading the delegation to Hargeisa.

Somaliland government ministers of energy, environment, religious affairs, education, traditional leaders and other government officials have greeted the delegation with cordial welcome upon arrival at Hargeisa airport.


The mission of the United Arab Emirates delegation is to assess and impliment development projects in the areas of energy, environment, agriculture and part of the delegation is  religious affairs team.

Somaliland’s minister of energyy, Hussein Abdi Du’ale who was among the gov’t ministers that received the delegation at the airport has stressed that many delegation from the UAE visited the country and pledged to carry out wide range of development projects.


He expressed his happiness when it comes to the high level UAE delegation that has visited Somaliland.

He remraked that Somaliland and UAE share brotherly , historic and lond standing ties between the two nations.


Environment ministers Ms. Shukri has thanked the visiting UAE delegation and Bashe Awil.

She said that the UAE wants to do something for Somaliland and added that the UAE is committed to assist us and share strong ties.

She has welcomed the large delegates to the country.

She also thanked incumbent president Ahmed Silanyo of doing all he could to knock every door for this nation to get connected with the world.

Somaliland’s representative to UAE, Bashe who spoke at the VIP room said that the delegation will stay in Somaliland for three days.

Hie said the mian objective behind the delegation’s visit to the country is to complete the promised development and humanitarian projects that the UAE pledged to conduct in Somaliland.

The UAE delegation is headed by Mohamed Al Kaabi.


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