Somaliland: Vise President visits Kulmiye party headquarters to get registered

Somaliland’s Deputy President Hon. Abdirahman Abdilahi Ismail “Saylici” has talked about the accord that the Kulmiye presidential contenders reached yesterday.

Some of the presidential contenders have expressed their worry over the way that the party is organizing the central council members and the smooth preparation of the meeting which is to take place in November the 10.

The DP has piad a visit to the party headquarters today in order to register and collect his ID.


He has welcomed the resgistration of all members which is underway at the party headquraters located just nearby Hargeisa orphanage center.

He talked about solving conflicts in jusr democratic way.

The DP has been received at the party headquarters by the chairman, Musa Bihi and First Deputy Chairman, Moahmed Kahin.