Somaliland: SL and Somalia discuss Technicalities during Meeting held in Ankara, Turkey-Minister

Somaliland Ministry of Civil Aviation and Air Transport Hon Mahmoud Abdi and his four man delegation returned to the country today from Turkey where he took part in in a meeting aimed at solving the longtime contention on issue of Airspace Control management between the government of the Republic of Somaliland and the Federal Government of Somalia.

The meeting brought together representatives of three nations Somaliland, Somalia, Turkey and UN-ICAO officials.

Hon Mahmoud Abdi Hashi in a press conference held moments after his arrival said, “During the meeting we discussed and agreed on technical issues relating to the matter of airspace control management but we all agreed to leave aside the political aspect of things until Somaliland and Somalia meet again for talks.

The Aviation Minister added,

“As you’re well aware of the issue relating to the matter of airspace control management is a very delicate and  one which needs to be pursued with caution so as to attain our overall goal.”

“I would also like make one thing clear that we have not entered into any sort of agreement nor reached a conclusion on the matter at this point otherwise you would have already heard the on the media , again i reiterate things are only at technical stage and we are still consulting with UN-ICAO and other concerned parties regarding the matter”, he said.