Press Release: SIMO condemns with the strongest terms the attack on local journalist

Somaliland Independent media organization (SIMO) is more concerned the freedom of expression currently exists in Somaliland, SIMO very worsen the injured journalist Ahmed Muse Sakaaro assailants groups in Burao Togdheer region.

Ahmed Muse Sakaaro chairman of newspaper Afkashacabka was threatened through the phone before he was attacked by the unknown assailants, they sustained injuries over the head then they looted his laptop , voice record and bank book, Ahmed sakaaro met many of the threats from the mayor of the town of Burao Mr. Murad.

The Somaliland Independent Media organization considered such these actions as a genuine fear media; we call on government agencies to protect the freedom of journalists.

  • SIMO believes such these actions are harmful the freedom of expression and human rights in Somaliland.
  • SIMO Calls Somaliland government to bring justice anyone who contributed to the incident.
  • SIMO proposes to all stakeholders to freedom of expression to specific track conditions journalists in Somaliland. Mowlid Ali Adem

SIMO General Secretary