Somaliland: UAE Wants a Military Base in Berbera, State Confirms

The United Arab Emirates-UAE has ambitions of an external military base within the gulf Aden The minister of aviation of republic of Somaliland, Farhan Aden Haibe, said they received appeal of military base in Somaliland by UAE officials.

During the Somaliland’s president Ahmed Mohamed Silanyo and his entourage in working visit to UAE at last month.

Aviation minister who was a member of the delegation expressed these remarks during his press conference in Hargeisa, stating the president arrived to UAE an official invitation by the leaders of Emirate of Abu Dubai issued stepping high level cooperation between the two friendly sides.

Asked about the existence of recent rumors referring that UAE demanded to a military base in Berbera, the Minister has admitted as saying “The government of Emirate of Abu Dubai submitted to Somaliland’s president their appeal on military base in Berbera airport. but still is binding.”

The Minister of aviation asserted Somaliland head of state delegation met to rulers of the of Abu Dubai Emirate. Those discussions mostly focused intensifying the cooperation’s and historic long standing relation between Somaliland and UAE at large. Likewise the Minister mentioned that they spent time officials of Abu Dubai development fund agency.

“The president Silanyo of Somaliland tour to UAE was fruitful and we also met senior managers Abu Dubai development fund agency.” Somaliland government and DP World a public owned of UAE signed each other 30 years of deal about extending Bebera port as regional harbor worth $400 million. DP World contract is the largest foreign investment Somaliland obtained since it reinserted its independence from Somalia in May 1991. After ousted Somalia’s central government.