Somaliland: Energy Minister Inaugurates Wind farm in Las Anod

Honorable Hussein Abdi Dualeh ,the Minister of Energy and Minerals once again on Wednesday inaugurated yet another wind farm which will now provide 24 hours electricity power to residents of Lasa Anod town in Sool region as part of the current government to shift from the fossil based sources of energy to clean and renewable energy-based microgrid system in all Somaliland׳s urban centers.

The state of the art wind farm is a privately venture owned by LESCO, a local owned electricity this as the company decided to move away from the ever increasing and continuously unpredictable fluctuating diesel prices to more cheap supply alternative energy solutions such as wind power which will have higher returns for consumers and providers than using diesel would.

Hon Hussein Abdi Dualeh added, “I feel honored to be among the good people of las Anod town here today as you’re aware, I when H.E President Ahmed Mohamed Mahmoud Silanyo appointed me to the first town I visited in my current portfolio was here and I am also happy to see the people of Las Anod to be among the first to embrace this technology; I would also like to commend the owners of LESCO electricity company for investing in the future of this town and I hope such investment will pave way for cheaper electricity power for our citizens.

“We have already introduced 8 similar projects across the country, all which will be based on alternative energy solutions such as wind power for increased and improved clean and cheap energy supply for sustainable economic development such as this wind,” he said.

The Minister of Energy and Minerals added, “Wind power in Somaliland is also rapidly emerging as a promising alternative source of energy. The government has realised that the potential for renewable sources of energy should be exploited to help revitalise the region’s power supply and provide a cost-effective alternative.