Somaliland: The New Djibouti Consul General Meets President Silanyo

Husein Omar Kawaliye, the new Djibouti consular to Hargeisa, meet on Tuesday with  Somaliland President Ahmed Mahmoud  at the presidential compound in Hargeisa.

SL’s Deputy President Hon. Abdirahman Saylici, Presidential affairs Minister Hon. Hirsi Ali Hasan and SL consular to Djibouti were in attendance.

President Ahmed Silanyo of Somalilad has said that the two countries share brotherly ties and has pledged to stand by the new Djibouti consular to SL to discharge his national duty.

On the other hand, Djibouti consular to SL Mr. Husein Omar has thanked the president and the people for the warm and cordial reception that he received.

He promised to carry the ties to a high level being Djibouti consular to Somaliland.

Presidential affairs minister has held a lunch banquet in honor to Djibouti consular to Hargeisa today

This will be the third consulate that has been officially opened in Hargeisa, the capital of broke away republic ever since it seceded from Somalia in 1991.

There are consular offices that are functioning quite well including the likes of Turkey and Ethiopia.

Kenya planned to open its office in Hargeisa this year but it is still not formally inaugurated.

The newly appointed Djibouti consular to SL has served as speaker to the parliament of Djibouti.

Somaliland has established bilateral ties with Djibouti and Ethiopia on the areas of trade, security and intelligence sharing.