Somaliland: Demonstrating University of Hargeisa Students Wreak Havoc

University of Hargeisa  studentstoday demonstrated in support of two former board members who were dismissed one and half months ago.

The demonstrating students who were divided into two groups are said to have disrupted learning at the institute earlier today. One group started attacking university staff inside the university compound while the other group who had concealed their faces attacked security from the outside forcing their way inside the compound with an intent of causing damage to university property.

The rampaging students after overpowering the university security are said to have confiscated examination kits and also destroyed several cars parked inside the university compound.foole

After the situation got out of hand university authorities called the police who responded to their call swiftly.

Police dispersed the rampaging  students and at the same time detaining numerous others at the scene.

The deputy commissioner of Somaliland police Brigadier general Abdurrahman Liban Foole speaking to reporters regarding the incident said, “After we received the distress call from university officials, we immediately dispatched police units to defuse the situation at the learning institution.

“The incident occurred as students were about to sit their examination but unfortunately rampaging students managed to confiscated and destroy the examination kits and we have 16 suspects in police custody who were involved”, he said.

The deputy commissioner of police refuted reports which alleged the university was attacked from both inside and outside because police were guarding the compound from outside instead he stated that the rioting started from inside.

“The demonstration started as teachers were beginning to distribute examination paper that’s when began shouting and snatching examination papers from their tutors and that at no time was the university attacked from outside”, he reiterated.

Brigadier general foole lastly said, “At least 10 vehicles were damaged after their windows were smashed during the demonstration and have in custody 16 students suspected to be involved in the incident and investigation are still ongoing.