Somalilnd: UK Gov’t Spells out what to do if the Somalia and Somaliland talks fail

Deputy Ambassador to UK embassy in Addis Ababa Ms. Cat Evens while attending the start of  Hargeisa International Book Fair on Saturday  commented on the ongoing talks between Somaliland and Somalia.

She talked about  if there is any plan in place for the British gov’t and the International Community if the dialogue fails to bear fruit and that it fails to produce a final resolution.

Ms. Cat Evens has stated that the UK gov’t is urging the continuation of the negotiation between Somalia and Somaliland and added that the outcome will please both sides.

Ms. Cat has added that she cannot tell what plans are in place for the UK gov’t as well as the IC if the talks fail t produce the desired outcome.

Once asked of the UK is ready to play a mediation role, she responded by saying that Turkey now is mediating the talks. She went on to say that neighboring countries also can play a tremendous role in the talks.

Ms. Evens has said that Somali is well known for engaging dialogue and solving their differences by themselves.

British Minister in charge of International Development Mr. Shapps has recently paid a visit to Hargeisa urged SL gov’t to continue the talks.