Somaliland: President Silaanyo set to visit Saudi Arabia

Somaliland president H.E Ahmed M. Silanyo leading a high level delegation set to embark on visit to the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia soon.

It is the first visit of Somaliland president to SA when it comes to the three predecessors.

The presidential palace has not issued a statement on the president’s visit to SA.

Sources close to the presidency who requested anonymity have confirmed that President Ahmed Silanyo has received a formal invitation from the government of the Kingdom of SA.

It is speculated that the mission of SL president to SA is to set up the first diplomatic ties between the two countries.

SA has embarked on diplomatic leverage to convince Somali authories as well as Somaliland to play a key role in the coalition forces that are fighting against the Houthi rebels which pose a real security threat to SA.

Houhi rebels that are in charge of Yemen after deposing the legitate government from power.

It is predicted that SA officials will appeal to President Ahmed Silanyo to authorize the use of the strategic Berbera airport by the coalition forces that are engaged battles with Houthi rebels.

Reports that Somaliland denied has indicated that the recruitment of special units from the Somaliland’s armed forces are being finalized.

The army units from Somaliland are soon set to be dispatched to SA in order to conduct special operations intended to dismantle the power of Houthi rebels.

500 special units from Somaliland Defense Forces have been recruited as reports indicate.

The coalition forces are to pay the soldiers with decent wages.

It is not yet known if they will be naturalized and whether the dead soldiers in the would be skirmishes be returned to Somaliland.