Somaliland: An Incompetent Legacy Left Behind By President Silanyo

President Siilaanyo became incompetent after he ruled the country for five years; he was unable to read the note that was prepared by his cronies. Somaliland has been grieved by lack of leadership since Mr. Siilaanyo became the president of the country. Whenever the president approached the media, he could not express himself. He wasn’t even able to submit the message to the media and population. The rumours and linkages expose the health of the president is deteriorating. Therefore, I do not understand the reason behind the extension.

The constitution states clearly whenever the head of state was not able to fulfil the duties of the office he/she must vacant the office. One of the most important duties is to conduct the free and fair election on a designated date. After his mandate time of the office expired on June 26, 2015, the president bargained the extension period for the office. President Siilaanyo has his time obsoleted and everybody witnesses his inability to obtain the office duties. Therefore, I do not understand the reason behind the extension.

The president must be the one who can properly conduct the administration of the state. In order to fulfil his responsibility. But we have seen weakness and incapability of the president and therefore the president must go and vacant the office as soon as possible.

The economy of the country has been weak. The Somaliland shilling diminished and is losing value because of the president’s inability fulfill his duties. Only a few people became rich while the majority of Somaliland people suffered from the lack of food and other necessary needs. President Siilaanyo has facilitated only a few people to have the wealth of the nation include his son-in-law.

Let’s remind the president the which he seems oblivious to now, “I swear by Allah that I shall be true to the Islamic religion and my Somaliland country, and shall manage my people in equity and justice so long as I hold office.”

President Siilaanyo had destroyed every Somaliland institution, the parliament has been dysfunctional due to intervening executive branch, the general auditor has never submitted any public report since the day he was nominated for the position, the Supreme Court justice is under control by the presidential office, and the persecutor had never worked as independent. The house of elder as well as the chair of the house has been piloted by presidential palace orders. Somalilanders have been suffering from high inflation, unemployment, high emigrate, high poverty, lack of public health, less quality of public education, fraud, corruption, nepotism and tribalism. Yet Siilaanyo is still looking to stay in office

The people of Somaliland cannot tolerate a longer stay in office, not even for one month. Siilaanyo must go and vacant the office for those who are able to run the government.

By Osman Awad