SOMALILAND: A Black Man Like Me

Nowadays in the paranoid Government of President Silanyo, if your name sounds something similar to Mujahid, or a member of the Madasha Committee, or a Serious Somalilander.  You may likely be a subject to a special screening and scrutiny, and will be framed as a security – risk – factor.   A complete scrutiny background checkup in your core – beliefs, related  to your love to the Holy – Promised – Land.  From Cape Gardafue to Hawas ( Nazarate ).

You have to undergo through screening devices, not only by the Credit Bureau of the Kulmiye Empire. But also by a Federation Spy Agency called Somali Intelligence  Services at it’s Headquarters in Mogadishu and Djibouti.If they ever sense you of ever being a fan of the SNM Tigers, or labelled with those dirty words of Integrity, Heroism, Honesty, and Sovereignty.You are considered as threat and a security risk to the Great Somalia National Interest.  Because freedom is a dirty word in the Bible of the Kulmiye Party.  If you are suspected or ever engaged  in any ideology against that abortive phenomenon of Great Somalia, which serves only the Arab – Cause and those homeless entity of Majertaniya. You will be enlisted as an International Terrorist in the Oval Office of Mr.Silanyo and the False Sheikh Sharif of Mogadishu.  Otherwise you must anchor the hate and annoyance of the Ethiopian  friends, if you want to survive.   Also, we must accept with a bear’s hug the crocodile – tears of our brother – In – Law in Djibouti.    Allow him to attend the funeral – service  of our deceased Heroes; dressed up in a lovely white – Suit with his hair dressed, and makeup immaculately done like a professional – Prostitute or Slut.  Smiling for the camera while sun – bathing in a ditch of shame.  I don’t want to ignite fear or anger of any person.  But we must realise that our future dream and prospects as a Sovereign -State is under siege.   Everyday has it’s own circumstances and justifications, and little children have big ears.   But can’t sue their mothers over injuries suffered while they were in their mother’s mobs.   Dear reader, the hill is steep and makes you feel like up –  stopping.   Anyhow, I don’t want to push the panic button, but there are questions echoed to our ears.  We have to wait for the thermometer to dip; before starting our furnace.

Because most couples divorce because of their religious differences.    The man thinks that he is the God to all that under the roof, while the wife knows that she is.   I have opted for now, not to read my reviews and write – ups, good or bad.   They already have come with all sorts of weird and wonderful masterpieces.   I can’t tell you exactly what they are.   But our fridge  has never been more colorful than it is right now.    They want us to be sheep with the help of some alien ghosts like Ali Waran Adde and Suleiman the infidel that stand with feet made of clay.   Not all my e-mail correctly points out, that I have no new ideas whatsoever to raise a child.   Besides that, I am open for suggestions.But in the meantime, the one thing most parents have in common is that.  They don’t want to have more kids.   I have told my big brother  in many occasions. “Don’t run through life so fast that you forget where you going.”   Ask him now please!   How many roads must a man travel before he admits that he is lost?   Regardless of  your relationship with your cousin, you will miss him when he is gone.   A clumsy wife should always get someone to hold the baby, while she is chopping the vegetables. Beer is  as exciting for men, as shoes are for women.    Making a living is not like making a life.   And failure is not an option, but it comes bundled with the software.   Two things are difficult to say when my Step – Mother  and Step – Father  get drunk with money and power.   Indubitably and specifically.   And one thing is impossible  to say. I think it is best  if I share my opinion with others.Dear reader, I am sorry to keep you stranded and waiting long for a sober opinion, or a specific  answer.But you know what?   It is a common instinct  that Newfoundlanders like Mr. Suleiman the infidel and Ali Waran Adde,  are distorting the facts. How can it be called a premarital Sex ?   If I don’t have the intention of getting married.

He was a good singer and a star of the horn of Africa  with a golden voice.   He was an amiable friend full of joy and love.   He was a brave knight with a lion’s guts.   He was handsome, he was elegant, he was clean, both in body and soul.   He was a man of wisdom with a witty remarks.  He was a hero with a tender heart, and a generous with a blue, royal blood.   He was smart literally more than I can say.  But I killed him with my ugly gun.   I shot him in the heart  in front  of the Police – Station, and he trashed his legs like an injured race – horse.

I am a fool, naive, and a cold  bloodied murderer.   I committed that first degree murder with the collaboration of the Arms of the Law.  With the go ahead and the nod – consent of the Traditional Leaders.   I got the final authorization from  the Imam of my  Mosque.   They all ululated with a tongue – ringing as a sign of consent for this awful homicide.He was a peace – loving – dove who has a million reasons to stay alive.   That is Hussein Yusuf Trabi, my supper Star, my Rock and Roll, my Blues and Jazz, he was my Rap.  He was holding a guitar, not a gun.   I will miss his funny jokes, his sense of humour and broad smile.   His socializing with friends and family  will be a great miss.  That jerk police – man licensed me to kill.  That Sheikh  with the heavy turbine in his head and reciting the Quran; promised me to redeem my sins if I kill that Supper – Star Singer, Mr. Husein Yusuf.  Those Traditional Leaders who act as  my Think – Tanks supported me with the muscle and word.  That stigma and shame is haunting me all night, and all day.   Memories of guilt  and wrong –  doing  will pursue me wherever  I go.   Teeth chattering, fear, and cold is my destiny.   He was my class – mate.

He was a warm hearted friend, and a genial host.   I die by the sword, and I live by the sword.   I must wear mourning – clothes and chant prayers for my dead friend.   Illuminate candles and a shrine of flowers.   I must trash inside my sleeping – bag, cry every night, and deliver his eulogy.   I have always failed the point long my life; where I was doing  everything wrong for selfish reasons.  Because of greed and ignorance.   It was a kick in the face of a dear friend.   I will remain repentant for the rest of my life.   I will entertain that thought, pausing occasionally to sniffle and fight back tears of blood.   Let these nightmares haunt me for years, and live with my guilt for ever.

Some geographical evolutions or man – made events stands out as a pivotal that had changed the whole course of history.Some great events and wars with an explosive impact of altering the trends of man’s life on the earth planet.Some were single, and brief; and some were shattering events with immediate and obvious impact.  Events or developments that significantly altered social customs, statistics and census, ideas, beliefs, home – life, and the human conditions of life as a whole.

For instance, First and Second World War, developments of science and technology,  development of agriculture, American Civil Rights Movement.   Like everywhere else, Horn of Africa is no exceptional and had gone through many upheavals, uprisings, and evolutions.   I will try my best to make my statements reasonable, brief, digestible,  fair and impartial.

He was a magicians, he was a rapist, and he was an absolute tyrant dictator.   A mountain swallowed him because of the prayers and divine – miracle of Sheikh Yusuf Al Konain; and yet we had paid a heavy price as a compensation for the dead fool.  A compromise of a heavy head – Tax that stands for ever.   My sweetie, put the shoe on the right foot.   That is a powerful contradictions that is worth thinking again, and urges us to pause for a second thought.  We have to tell nothing but the truth, to ourselves and to our kids.   Instead of hoarding and narrating tailored, fabricated and biased stories that has no legs to stand on.   This scheme is unlikely to fly with the common sense.   As real stars don’t ask permission to shine.    As Somalis, we must our tribal Think – tanks and chiefs this simple question.   “Why did we accept such a costly compensation,  as a compromise for the death of the magician, rapist, and dead fool?  ”    As simple as that.  Dear reader, that is a legendary tales from Grandma.   The dead fact is that, that he was not a magician; but he was a strong King that had the mandate of a strong community or tribe, regardless to his color, creed or faith, or ethnic of origin.  After his death, his people were having the upper, strong hand, and dictating the deal according to their terms of reconcile.  A bloody coup with the white sword, and tough fight with the teeth and nails had taken place somewhere, sometime.   Some old masters turned to be captives; and some old slaves  had become new masters.

Defying the capture and the slavery of the past by insulting and alienating  all civics and civilization of their opponents.Pointing out an accusing finger at, and practicing all sorts of savage revenge. Disregarding high – tech, and Science Medicine that once surpassed that of the Western World right now. A history all distorted, twisted, and swallowed with a grain of salt.   Narrating to our children, a history based on rumours and second – hand information.   No figures, and no facts.The right of the mighty. It doesn’t  work with the common sense.   I can’t buy it.  Mr. Malcolm. X said, history has been whitened by Uncle Sam.

Dear reade, as Somalis, we are in a campus of labs and we are treated as Lab – Rats prepared to die for Science.   We are all in unnatural quiet rooms with wires attached to our heads and a control – panel is bathing our brains in a complex magnetic – field, driven by illogic  Remote – Control.   Running through  traumatic stress syndrome with a senseless presence.    We are a true temporal – lobe epileptic  – nation that had lost consciousness.   A dog eating dog, and if you can’t challenge the big dogs, just stay on the porch.

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Thank You In Advance

Yusuf Deyr,