Somaliland: Special units from Somaliland Defense Forces dispatch to Saudi Arabia

Recruitment plans are underway to dispatch units from Somaliland Defense Forces to Saudi Arabia to fight along the coalition forces who are battling with houthi rebels that have deposed the legitimate Yemeni president from power.

President of the Republic of Somaliland has recently embarked on a trip to UAE and held talks with senior gov’t officials.

Our Reliable sources in the national army who requested anonymity has confirmed the credibility of the news as far as the special units from Somaliland set to be sent to Saudi Arabia is concerned.

The UAE officials that held discussions with President Ahmed Silanyo have appealed to him to agree to the proposal which will see specially trained army units from Somaliland be sent to the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and which will be part of the coalition forces that are involved in skirmishes with houthi rebels that are in control most parts of Yemen.

The would be forces from Somaliland will be given a definite  aim which is to carry out special raids and operations against houthi rebels in the border area between Saudi Arabia and Yemen.

It is agreed in principle that the special units from Somaliland forces will be highly paid by the coalition forces that are against the houthi rebels to take control of Yemen which is now descending into chaos and anarchy.

Somaliland, a self declared state in Somalia in 1991 has built its own defense forces following the recapture of its independence from Somalia after the brutal war with Said Barre.

Although it is internationally recognized but has a lot of influence in the region where it borders with Djibouti and Ethiopia and has reached a bilateral deal which saw the establishment of trade and security ties with both neighboring countries.

Somaliland government officials have repeatedly rejected the existence of the story.

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