Somalia Is Not My Land

By Abdulkadir Mohamed Arreye (Maashoo)

The most difficult problem facing a weak Somali government will be the unity of the Somali Republic. The Republic of Somaliland declared its independence in 1991 and as significant majority of Somali landers now supports independent statehood. The Republic of Somaliland has yet to gain international recognition, however,

Somaliland political leaders have long argued that they are prepared to enter into dialogue with a weak Somali government. The formation of a Somali government could therefore be followed by dialogue with Somaliland.

The notion of dialogue between weak Somali government and Somaliland offers an attractive and superficially plausible method of addressing the issue of realty on the ground. In practice, it is likely to prove a complex proposition that could easily exacerbate tensions

Fair is the only thing that came happy any state without fair nothing is not working

40 years old men and women never seen Somali governing their territory

Somaliland confronts strong domestic opposition to any dialogue, while the status of the parties in negotiations will also represent an obstacle.

Somalia government and their people did not know what realty is and easy they say we want unity

In negotiating an association Somaliland will expect significant concessions in return for sacrificing outright independence. Southern leaders, however, will fear that they will start fresh war clan by clan

A negotiated of the two territories. Differences in levels of political and economic development will take their amalgamation a formidable challenge,

Negotiating a separation is likely to be just as difficult as negotiating unity. Somaliland will not want to allow the weak southern government a veto on its independence. Both sides are likely to disagree over the terms of a referendum.

International community is not looking realty rather than interest

The challenge for the international community is to encourage the success of independent. Somaliland striking the right balance requires active preventive diplomacy. And fair

Abdulkadir Mohamed arreye (maashoo)