SOMALILAND: Those Who Are Playing Idiot’s Game Must Consider the Consequences of their Actions

(kulunafs bimaa kasabat Rahiinah) Every soul will be in pledge for its deeds. Every country or society is held for its deeds. Somaliland leaders must be held for their deeds even when they do not care. That means actions always produce outcomes, negative or positive thus doers are responsible for what they did. It means Idiotic actions results idiotic outcomes which in the end results destruction and mayhem and that was what happened to Somaliland and that is what is happening in Somaliland all over again!

When one does evil he also allows evil to happen. Unconscionable people deceive the people of Somaliland and get their way in to power is some fashion or the other and then they reject to relinquish power peacefully and honorably unless a third party pressures them to do so for the safety and stability of the region.
When our political parties are running for office they are national political parties but immediately after they win, they morph into a clan, oligarch and a clique. Siilanyo was the pioneer of this deceptive culture. As a result of this, the political parties lost credibility. No one trusts them any more. But where to go and what to do then?! That is the dilemma Somaliland people are in. As though that was not enough none of the three parties has Presidential material. a) One party is a “cabal incorporated”. Its chairman uses it for fame and personal profit. b) Kulmiye is the mother of betrayal which transformed it self into a clan and oligarch entity after the party won.

The so called political parties particularly the opposition ones now singed a dubious agreement among them selves. The chairman of the illegitimate body called “Guurti” which stands only to protect and serve Siilanyo’s administration negated that agreement. The memorandum of understanding the parties signed legitimized an illegitimate political extension from an illegitimate body. The now legitimized illegitimate Guurti which over ran a) the constitution and b) the National Elections Commission as well as c) the House of Representatives is above all!
There is a proverb which says “look before you leap” some people leap with out looking where they will be landing and with out considering the consequences. They just leap and when they plunge in to sewage, then they blame that for others. Every action there is consequences good or bad. Consequences are Actions and outcomes. Is that something Somaliland so called politicians seriously consider? In Somaliland some people just sit around, misappropriate her resources and did not give out any thing positive back but only take, yet visualizing a better Somaliland and that somehow will manifest it self! I am not saying that visualizing isn’t great because it is, but visualizing without actions is not going to change any thing. Visualizing is a great way to get very clear about where you need to focus your attention, and where you need to go, but actions, positive ones are needed to produce meaningful results

The law of consequences is about reality; it is about realism.
The law of consequences is based on one simple fact and that is- actions always produce outcomes, negative or positive. Putting law of consequences into practice necessitates a realistic approach and a willingness to accept personal responsibility for your action. It is NOT in Somaliland political culture to accept or even confess their mistakes!
In another words, we are talking about cause and effect. The law of consequences states that every result or outcome happens for a reason. Everything we do produces some kind of outcome. By carefully considering the possible consequences of our actions, thoughts, or decisions in advance, we can be much more successful at producing the outcomes we desire.” Do we desire bad out comes? Some people do and it is happening in Somaliland these days! (Wisdom consists of the anticipation of consequences” (Norman Cousins)

Recognition of the law of consequences is fundamental to understanding how we influence our own reality. It can be incredibly empowering to know that all our actions leads to some kind of outcome but to benefit from that awareness we must be willing to accept full responsibility for our behavior, conduct and actions. Let our common sense be our guide. Our common sense is not our guide in Somaliland. Our idiocy is our guide. From 1960 until present exept ten years of the SNM days of the struggle for survival which was the pay-back of our idiotic actions undertaken by our leaders in 1960!.
If we have the prudence to consider how our actions will play out, we can make better choices that will have a positive result for intended goals. “Shallow men believe in providence, strong men believe in cause and effect” (Ralph Waldo Emerson)

When Somaliland leaped before they looked, consequences of their actions were devastating.
Shortly after gaining independence from Britain as the State of Somaliland on 26 June 1960, Somaliland merged with Italian Somalia on July 1, 1960 to form what was then called Somali Republic. Here Somaliland leaders at the time jumped before they looked where they would be landing. Initially Somalilanders were enthusiastic about forming a union with five Somali territories (great Somali home land) in the Horn and east Africa Italian Somalia happened to be the first to unite with Somaliland. The euphoria quickly changed to disenchantment as many in former Somaliland felt increasingly marginalized in government and other sectors of society. Here the consequences of our leader’s actions came back to haunt Somaliland all her life until present.
Although a referendum took palace after one year of the union in 1961 Somaliland people rejected the union with Somalia by about 70%. That verdict of the people of Somaliland was not taken into account! The consequences of in action regarding the NO verdict of the people of Somaliland caused Somaliland the death ofone hundred and fifty thousand in ten years of struggle for her survival and hundred years accumulation of wealth as well as a total demolition of Somaliland cities and villages by Somalia regime of Siyad Barre.Siilanyo and his administration even do not recognize this fact or otherwise miss this account of human calamity. They refer only fifty thousand killed in 1888 alone. Strangely but not so strangely Siilanyo who ironically was the (absent) chairman of SNM does not know that fact or misses the point which no Somaliland with a shred of conscience must not miss, but I am not surprised at all!

By, by until another time
Ibrahim M Mead

Political analyst