Somaliland: ‘We will stop receiving new Somali refugees from Yemen’ – SL interior Minister

Cali Maxamed Warancade - Safiirka Cusub ee Somaliland u fadhiya Ethiopia
Cali Maxamed Warancade - Safiirka Cusub ee Somaliland u fadhiya Ethiopia

The Republic of Somaliland will no longer allow the entry of refugees fleeing the violence in Yemen, Minister Ali Waran Adde of Interior declared today, Sunday.

Minister Waranadde said in a press conference that the administration is not capable to cope with the influx of the refugees. He accused the International aid organizations of ‘’failing’’ to provide aid to the refugees of Somali origins.

‘’From today onwards we will not accept any refugees coming from Yemen because the international organizations are not willing to provide the necessary aid to them and we are not capable of giving them assistance. Secondly, there is a security element involved as few malignant elements from militant groups may ride the refugee tide in – a risk that we are ill-equipped to resolve on our own”, the Minister said

‘’ I don’t know why the aid organizations have refused to assist the Somali refugees and the Republic of Somaliland is no position to fill the void’’ he said.The Minister revealed that Somaliland will cope with over three thousand refugees already in the country and that the government will help them reach their   intended destinations, mostly in Somalia, as best as possible.

The refugee influx has put huge pressure onSomaliland’s already scarce resources and health systems, and has also contributed to rising possible security breaches following the Western countries’ concerns that Al Qaeda fighters use the opportunity to board out of Yemen for other fronts.