SOMALILAND: Unmerciful President

By Abdulkadir Mohamed Arreye

In Africa, Somaliland is the same country and sometimes you can say it is other planet governed by Inexperienced and unmerciful president. Like most other countries in the world Africa had has its fair share of leaders that seems to go a little mad with power and turn in to tyrants of the worst sort not to mention handful that were like that from the stars few days ago Somaliland president declare delaying elections that he is not going anywhere and he want to say power.

Delaying tactic is the sing of dictator he is strangling what he was calling wrong  Somaliland adults are are fleeing to evade “compulsory, oppressive, and indefinite military service” in the country, in any other country that couzes msssiiranyo

It is clear  as shaped this tragic era in the Horn of Africa and more has been said this week, i am adding word which is strong for me, gotta bird died before they learn to fly

somaliland youth died before they learn to fly ominous task facing Somaliland youth today. The study revealed that Somalis under 30 might constitute 70% of the population but nearly two-thirds would like to leave the country.

It revealed the unemployment rate for youths in Somaliland to be among the highest in the world, at a startling 67% among all 14 to 29-year olds. Most disconcertingly it stated that only 40% of Somaliland youths were actively looking for work leaving behind a hopeless and deeply discouraged majority group, arguably more vulnerable than any other to turn to extremism and criminal behaviour.

The deeper truth behind these statistics is the emergence of a generation for whom life has been shaped by lost opportunities, an unclear identity and a growing sense of marginalization.

The challenges facing Somaliland youth, although arguably more extreme, represent a microcosm of the wider African generational narrative and this leads international development agencies to a crossroads in terms of where best to channel future assistance. Hopes of a new era were boosted by this months inauguration of new leader Somaliland president with background in feuding clans who used his first speech as president to call for an end of feuds

Abdulkadir Mohamed Arreye

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