Somalia: ‘We will keep to negotiate with Somaliland” says Minister Odawa

Somalia interior Minister, Abdirahman Mohamed Hussein Odawa said his government is determined to continue talks and are ready to negotiate with Somaliland.

However, the minister has reiterated Somali government call that there is no need of the international Community to mediate pointing the capability of Somalis solving their problem.

“We are always ready to talk, but what is the need of others ,” he asked.

Earlier this month, Somaliland vowed it will not negotiate with Somalia government without the presence of the international community.

Early March ,talks between the two break up after Somaliland refused to commence the dialogue until members from Somalia government side be to removed from the talks whom they said are ‘Somaliland rebels.”

Somaliland located in North-western Somalia and declared its independence from the rest of Somalia in 1991 after the collapse of the Central government, but has not been yet recognised by the international community despite constant campaign for recognition.