Somaliland:Police break-up protests over missing boy’s ‘hoax’ murder

Police in the breakaway region of Somaliland used batons, bullets fired in the air to break-up protestors who blocked a main highway and threw rocks at soldiers in Lasanood.

Residents in Lasanood, a town in Somaliland said on Monday the protest started after rumors spread that a missing young boy was murdered, with women and children took to the streets, calling soldiers to find the boy.

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Overwhelmed by surging protestors, soldiers have beaten up some protestors, however, calm has later returned to the town after police found the missing boy in Gumeys, a small village 75km north of Lasanod.

However, it remains unclear the circumstances behind the boy’s disappearance, however, relatives told HOL that he was trying to escape soldiers before he trekked to another far-lying town.

Despite police interrogations, the frail boy was later taken to the local hospital for treatment.


Source: HOL