Somalia, Djibouti leaders lay foundation stones for Somali language academy

Battling for improving the literacy for the Somali language, Somalia’s president and his Djiboutian counterpart laid foundation stones for a new a academy aiming to enhance the Somali language spoken by the two countries.

Mr. Guelleh who arrived in Mogadishu Saturday has long been campaigning for enhancing the Somali language literacy at a time foreign language, mainly English are gaining ground among the population In the two neighboring countries.

The academy named “The East African Somali-speaking Regional Academy” is landmark for the language which faces challenges in containing rival languages trying to make headways in the two countries.

The two leaders have affirmed the importance of the academy which they said would strengthen the Somali language.

Djibouti, a multi-ethnic nation with a population of over 810,000 inhabitants support Somalia’s government to restore law and order.

The Somali and Afar communities make up the two largest ethnic groups in Djibouti. Both speak Afro-asiatic languages, which serve as recognized national languages.

Source: HOL