Several Somaliland opposition elements have the habit of inventing tales that did not exist in the ground in Somaliland to divert the progress attain from the public, but that consequences counterproductive to those who originates the deceptive narrative

Quite often while making press releases a numerous Somaliland opposition figures speak in a manner, which is far from sensible sincerity and rationality, but the best guiding principle that people could accept as true actuality is to speak in common sense, then people will be willing to trust ple, who are honest while aiming the public. Many times the intentions of lying by some of our opposition figures is to spoil the image of the government in an effort to achieve self gain, but in reality, it hurts back to the sources of the lies. Many times the objectives of lying are on personal self-gain, purely tribalism purpose or character assassination aimed to political opponents. But in reality, all the times these untrue allegations are counter-productive reason being the days whereby someone can deceive the public did not exist anymore, as no one like people who lie all the time . There are some political opposition elements who are only working on their self interest and any development and progress attained for this government which is beneficial to all Somaliland citizens consider not serving their own interest and that is why the public have lost trusting them anymore.


.People get aggravated by people who lie a lot. Being truthful and having a moral fibre of never lying makes people trust them more. People are more likely to come up to individuals who tell the reality and ask them a question. They are more likely to get the correct answer and not a lie. People who tell the truth are more respected and aren’t looked down at for being a liar. People can be trusted more when they always tell the truth. Deceiver has remorse spread around about how they lie all the time. Nobody wants to talk to them because they won’t know if they are lying to them or not. They aren’t reliable as much as people who don’t lie. Deceivers never get very far in life and always have a reputation of lying. It’s much better to tell the truth and have friends who trust them, rather than lying and having rumours spread around making no one like them.


It’s actually easier to just tell the truth. There are many reasons for this. One reason is, people don’t have to think of lame excuses, making it much faster. Another reason is people who tell the truth won’t get in as much trouble when someone finds out that they lied to them. The best is to be truthful at all times and consider any progress achieved by Somaliland is also serving your interest. Truthfulness is a moral characteristic with attributes such as integrity, reliability, or absence of lying. Truth means something that is proven to be fact or reality. Truth requires multiple people to share the same view or opinion to be recognized as true.  It is immoral to lie for any sort of purpose, as this against all mandatory traditional values of human being whether that person believes any religion or being achiest.


Making good Somaliland requires teamwork, partnerships, and collaboration. We need to work together to build a better country which means our corporations must embrace the benefits of cooperating with one another. In the view the shared common interest, our political opposition parties must refrain damaging the common interest of all Somaliland. In the event they speak against the common share interest, it is certain that, this will bite to them as being against the combined interest shared by all alike will disconnect the bridge that connect the opposition to the public.





With regard to criticism, it is an act of passing judgment as to the merits of anything, the act of passing severe judgment; censure;faultfinding, the act of of analyzing and evaluating or judging a quality of work, performance, deeds etc. Criticism can be constructive or destructive. The aim of constructive criticism is to see a change for the better the issue criticized, but when someone criticizes another person but cannot pinpoint what is actually wrong; this can be considered unhelpful and negative. Criticism can be justified when one has done something wrong or behaved badly. But it is unjustified when someone merely picks on another person for no evidence, or out of personal pique.


This is the typical criticism accustomed by some Somaliland politicians. This criticism against the government without evidences is due to jealousy of someone in a better position vis-à-vis education, power or influence. The critic may not have a clue about the problem or may have his own blinkered view of it. Many things may not be acceptable to him because of his lack of knowledge. Most the criticism that we accustomed to hear from the some elements of the opposition figures is emotional than genuine. In conclusion, the person providing the productive criticism is acting as an agent of positive change for the issue of shared interest. in the event anyone want to look like a true citizen, please him focus the common interest for his own people rather than concentrating within the radius of self interest.


Happiness is attained, not through self-interest, but through shared interest which is beneficial to all public alike, as this the true generous heart. If all of our relationship is based on self-interest, then the common shared interest vanished. Finally although all of us have their own interest, however, the shared interest of all the people is above the individual interests.   You won’t be benefited unless & until you give a chance. Learn not to get through your opportunities along with your advantage and who plants good seeds will be benefited by the generations to come.  Several Somaliland opposition elements have the habit of inventing tales that did not exist in the ground in Somaliland to divert the progress attain from the public, but that consequences counterproductive to those who originates the deceptive narrative. Let us cease this bad habit, as will not will not o the interest. Let us write the shared benefits that combines all people of somaliland in marble.In the event the corn ripe today is for someone else; then surely yours will be ripe tomorrow and  remain to keep patient.

Ismail Yusuf