Somalland: Presidential affairs Minister speaks on Erigavo road construction

President Ahmed M. Silanyo is due to begin on a working visit to Burao  tomorrow and ministerial level delegation will accompany him. The president will later leave for Erigavo, Sanaag regional capital and will tour the construction of Burao-Erigavo road. The President will inaugurate the completion of 30 Km of the road which has been completed. Henceforth, Mr. Silanyo will have the chance to inspect the construction of the road which is underway.

In addition, Mr. Ahmed Silanyo will lay the foundation stone of the second stage of the construction of the road which is vital for linking the country to the remote city of Erigavo which the region could not move forward due to lack of connection with the rest of the country.

The presidential affairs minister Hon. Hirsi Ali Hasan in which the ministry is in charge of Somaliland Road Authority is to accompany the president.

State Finance Minister Mr. Osman Abdilahi Sahardid alias Adani is believed to be with Somaliland president once he leaves for Burao and Erigavo.

The Minister of interior is also said to be with the president as well as the First Lady.

Preparations are currently underway in Burao for welcoming the president and his delegation who will begin the tour.

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Presidential affairs minister Hon. Hirsi Ali Hasan and the committee in charge of Burao-Erigavo  Road held a press conference at the presidential palace.

Mr. Hirsi stated that the money is raised both at home and abroad.

He went on to say that The Somaliland diaspora community in the UK have raised $ 99900 and now has pledged to contribute to another  $ 46, 000 from the UK and further thanked for their generosity.

He commented that having 30 km of the road completed and now the plan is that another 40 km of the road to be constructed by 2015.