Somaliland presidential candidate Abirahman Irro concedes defeat

Wadani’s flagbear, Abdirahman Mohamed Irro has rescinded his decision to defy polls results, saying he is ready to take up his new role on opposition role.

Somaliland electoral commission on Tuesday declares Muse Abdi Bihi as the president elected.

In a passionate plea to his supporters who earlier engaged in clashes with the police over alleged poll irregularities said Somaliland needs to move on.

“I concede that Mr Bihi will be the fifth president of Somaliland, I don’t want my desire to hold this post destroy my country and shed my people’s blood, I know there were irregularities and the commision declared false results but I only accepted this for the sake of my people, not for Bihi or his kulmiye party,” Irro expressed, feeling ill over his defeat.

He said all candidates who participated in the election have the responsibility of bringing people back together.

He also thanked all those who supported his presidential bid.

“I thank all my colleagues for their overwhelming support till end of the D-day. I also thank Somaliland people from all corners of the country, who voted for me,” Irro said.

On Monday, Irro said told the  media that he would disassociate himself from the results of poll agency if Bihi is declared winner.

According to Somaliland National Electoral Commission  (NEC) results for the preaidential race in an election that saw 80% ( around 556,617 out of 704,089 registered voters), Mr Bihi had garnered a total of 305,909 votes (55 per cent) against Mr Irro’s 226,092 votes (40.7 per cent).

Bihi who is from the ruling party will be replacing the octogenarian president, Ahmed Mohamed Silaanyo who has been in the office since 2010.