Somaliland: Traffic Police launch operation against PSVs

Somaliland Traffic Police have launched an operation against Public Service Vehicles (PSVs) plying on city roads , this according to Chief Traffic Officer Col. Feisal Hiis Elmi.

Col. Feisal Hiis speaking to reporters at the Haleya Control said, Somaliland traffic police have launched massive crackdown on Public Service Vehicle(PSVs), have low quality and substandard. Overall, road discipline is a challenge for all of us.

The Chief Traffic Officer Col. Feisal Hiis Elmi led the operation, said the seized vehicles were unroadworthy while the drivers were either driving recklessly or speeding and overloading.

The crackdown follows a series of accidents on the road raising concerns over the number of deaths and casualties experienced since last month. He further urged people to take appropriate measures to ensure their personal safety and of their property.

Col. Feisal Hiis Elmi said that they are not targeting any specific group of vehicles and that they are impounding both public service vehicles and private cars.

The officer said that they are targeting to remove all unroadworthy vehicles from the road to ease traffic and curb accidents.