Somaliland: Al Hayat Islamic Foundation distributes food baskets to 3000 families in Burao

The Al Hayat Islamic Foundation has started distributing emergency relief aid to families in Burao , Togdheer region of Somaliland.

The aid package was sent by donors from the Gulf to alleviate the suffering of the Somaliland people.

Mr. Abdi Hakim Ismaiel Barre, Al Hayat representative speaking during the food distribution ceremony  said,  “The people of Somaliland would never forget the UAE’s humanitarian support through the provision of basic requirements and persistent efforts to ease suffering during the drought, which killed livestock and damaged crops.

“We really appreciated the role played by other charitable organisations in the UAE in helping the Somali people. They said the UAE assistance came when people needed it the most,” he said.

The aid foundation over hand out food baskets to 3000 drought stricken families in Burao town.

The Al Hayat Foundation was the among the first foreign aid agency to responds to Somaliland government appeals and has since distributed food to families in other regions, including Burao, Sool Awdal and others affected by the drought.