Somaliland: Ahmed Yasin Sh. Ali Ayanle elected as first Deputy Speaker

 Somaliland’s House of Representatives on Sunday elected Ahmed Yasin Sheikh Ali Ayanle, as the new 1st Deputy Speaker of the House of the Representatives.

Ayanle, a Kulmiye MP from Awdal region, won 50 votes from his fellow MPs. Hassan Muse Hufane, a Waddani MP also from Awdal region, came second with 16 votes.

Ahmed Abdi Kahin, a Kulmiye MP from Salal region, who was widely viewed as the favourite candidate to win the race, received only one vote.

70 out of 82 MPs were present for the vote. 8 other MPs also contested for the post, but failed to receive votes.

Shortly after he was sworn in, Ayanle paid a visit to Somaliland’s Presidential Palace to meet with Vice-President Abdirahman Ismail Saylici, and Presidential Affairs Minister, Mohamud Hashi Abdi, who congratulated him upon his arrival.

Ayanle’s election now gives Somaliland’s ruling political party, Kulmiye, full control of the House, as Speaker Bashe Mohamed Farah and 2nd Deputy Speaker, Ali Mohamed Yusuf are also Kulmiye MPs.