Somaliland: Kulmiye leader gets hero’s welcome on return to Hargeisa

 Muse Bihi Abdi, Chairman and Presidential Candidate of Somaliland’s ruling party, received a warm welcome from Somalilanders on Tuesday evening while returning to Hargeisa after close to two weeks of campaigning in Togdheer.

Abdi and senior Kulmiye party officials traveled to Togdheer earlier this month to encourage potential voters and party supporters to collect their voter ID card.

Upon returning to the capital, the delegation was triumphantly welcomed by Somalilanders in Sheik, Berbera, Hamas, Da’ar Buduq. Thousands of Hargeisa residents welcomed Abdi and the delegation once they arrived in the capital.

During his stay in Togdheer, Abdi also held numerous meetings with Kulmiye’s senior Togdheer party officials and civil society leaders in the region.