Somaliland: Hargeisa’s local government issues new rules in response to AWD outbreak

he mayor of Somaliland’s capital city issued new rules on Sunday to prevent the spread of the current AWD outbreak that has killed close to 100 people in Somaliland’s eastern regions.

Hargeisa Mayor Abdirahman Mohamud Aideed ‘Soltelco’, announced the new rules in a press conference on Sunday, and warned residents of the consequences of breaking the new rules.

According to the new rules, Hargeisa’s water companies and water trucks in the capital will no longer be able to extract water from local dams within the city.

“We have stopped all Hargeisa water companies from supplying water from local dams,” Aideed said.

“Any individuals that fail to comply can face up to one year in jail,” Aideed said.

“The dams of Aw-Barkhadle, Humboweyne, and Dar-al-Salaam are the only dams that water companies can extract water from,” Aideed added.