Somaliland: rejects $200,000 in drought aid from Somalia

The Government of the Republic of Somaliland has rejected a $200,000 donation for from the Government of Somalia due to the nature of the donation, Somaliland’s Information Minister has announced.

Osman Abdullahi Sahardiid, Somaliland’s Information Minister, announced the rejection in a press conference on Thursday outside the Presidential Palace, following a weekly cabinet meeting chaired by President Silanyo.

“Somaliland’s Council of Ministers voted to reject Somalia’s $200,000 in drought aid because it is meant for the federal states of Somalia,” Sahardiid said.

“The Republic of Somaliland is not a federal state of Somalia, we are an independent country,” Sahardiid said.

“That is why Government of the Republic of Somaliland can not accept this donation,” Sahardiid said.

Somaliland is currently raising $10 million to help drought victims in the country and has raised $4 million so far.

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The Government of Somalia has yet to comment on the Minister’s statement.

Source: The National