Minister Khalil: Saturday is the first day of Ramadan in Somaliland

Somaliland’s Religious Affairs Minister has declared Saturday, May 27th as the start of the holy month of Ramadan.

Sheikh Khalil Abdullahi Ahmed said ‘the moon was not sighted on Thursday, thus making early Saturday morning the start of Ramadan’, in a press conference on a Friday.

“We were not able to see the moon on Thursday night. Our neighbors were also not able to see the moon,” Ahmed said.

“Saturday is the first day of Ramadan,” Ahmed said.

Ahmed extended Ramadan greetings to Somalilanders around and reminded everyone to focus on worship during the holy month and to avoid bad habits and actions that could spoil one’s fast.

Ahmed also reminded Somalilanders to donate what they can to the National Drought Relief Committee during the holy month, as they aim to raise $10 million for Somaliland’s drought victims by June 26th.

So far, the committee has raised over $4 million.

Soure: The National