Somaliland: Special Commemoration to mark the occasion of May 18 National Day-Tree Planting

As part of this year’s special commemoration to mark the occasion of May 18 national day, the Government of the Republic of Somaliland plans to raise $10 Million Dollars through fund raising to be used in relocating and resettling 20, 000 internally displaced families, restocking of 12,000 pastoral households with livestock, rehabilitation of 35,000 farms, sinking of 15 deep boreholes and other activities.

The Ministry of Environment and Rural Development marking the occasion of May 18 national day has begun distributing tree seedlings countrywide for planting to help mitigate the effects of droughts.

Mr. Mohamed Elmi Hussein, the director general in Ministry of Environment speaking to reporters at the ministries tree nursery said, “We have distributed 15, 000 tree seedlings for planting in Maroodi Jeh region in the past three days and we have dispatched tree seedlings to all regions for the national tree planting exercise which is due to commence on the 18th of May and which shall run up to the 26th of June.

The director general in Ministry of Environment said his vision was to re-install the rainfall pattern in the country through the planting of trees.

Lastly, Mr. Mohamed Elmi Hussein urged fellow Somaliland citizens to get involved in greening their community and making a difference to your local environment.