Somaliland: State rejects the Deposition of Zeyla Mayor and Deputy

The Governor of Salal region has dismissed the decision by the Zeyla town council to sack the mayor and deputy mayor.

Mr. Ahmed Mohamed Hashi, the regional administrator speaking to the media said the decision to sack the mayor and deputy mayor was null and void since it contravenes the laws of the land.

He added, “The councilmen did not seek the authorization or consent of the Ministry of Interior not to mention the quorum was not full only 11 councillors were present at the time hence my call to them to a bid and respect the laws.

“The Minister of Interior had previously issued a decree stating that no extraordinary meetings will be held by all councils in the country during the period2, he said.

The regional administrator further stated, “The officials are still the legitimate mayor and deputy mayor and shall continue to execute the duties as normal.

The Governor lastly urged the council men to put aside their differences and continue serving the people.